Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Now that Labor Day is over, marking the official start of Fall,
I can begin the fun of decorating for the season.

This wreath is super simple to put together. Here is what you need to
make one for your front door or above a fireplace.

Two grapevine wreaths, one larger than the other
Two garlands of leaves
The little sign is metal, bought at Hobby Lobby
The little garden rake was mine when I was a child

Line up the two wreaths, smaller one on top and secure them together.
I used small jute twine to secure everything on this wreath. When I want
to change out for the next season, I can just snip the twine with scissors
and it's ready to be something different.

The first garland I put around the wreath was just Fall leaves, cheaper
than the top garland. The purpose is to add lots of layers and depth to
the wreath. Then, the next wreath was a lot fuller with leaves and acorns and pinecones. Also a little pricer. However, I will
be using these decorations for years and years. When I find something I love.....I stick with it.

Then I attached the sign and rake. If you are talented with paints and such -- you could definitely paint a cute message on a
piece of board. Cute!

And......that's it ! Hang it up and enjoy !

Happy beginning of Fall, y'all --

Gwynie Pie
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  1. I know ...Praise the Lord...and guess what...Friday morning he spoke at another local public HS and 17 kids raised their hand that they wanted to be saved! Who said that Jesus can't be spoken about in a public school??!! Love your blog...love the wreath!