Thursday, September 24, 2009

I saw this decorating idea using old books a couple years ago. And since I have an abundance of old books, I tried it. Loved it. Use it every year. Each year is very different in look and feel, as I have to start "from scratch" every year crafting the pile of books just right. Just so. It takes a little time. But so satisfying to my eyes.

Buffet holds my Grandparents mantle clock. It always sat above the fireplace in their home. I loved spending time at my Grandparents and can still "feel" the warmth there, whatever the season.

Still keeps perfect time. I think of it as the "heartbeat" of the home. Chiming out the hours. Beautiful.
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  1. Your home is so inviting! I can hardly wait till my next visit! You must feel a great sense of accomplishment. Great Job!

  2. Great look for your mantle and that is such a nice tablescape on the black dresser.