Monday, October 5, 2009

Saturday was a fun day for thrift store shopping. Here are just a few of my acquisitions --
I saw an ad for 50 burlap coffee bags for $15.00. We have a large coffee distributor in our hometown and they have an abundance of
burlap bags. Problem is --- they stink!!! I had all sorts of plans for these bags -- framed out in old wood. Made into cute "green" grocery totes. Pillows. Seat covers. I was thinking of tons of cute things to do with these bags. If only they didn't have that funky smell.....

So my husband hung them out on our fence. We figured some fresh air and sunshine would perk them up over time. We didn't even dream we would have rainy days to give the bags a good washing. Now -- they are smelling much better and I'm about to bring them in and start transforming them into something fun.

My grandmother had a wonderful collection of state plates, which I now have. I just never could think of anything cute to do with them and have tried more than a few times to sell them without any luck. I finally just decided to grow the collection, so I'm always on the look-out for a state I don't have yet.

I found these 3 plates - Missouri, Arkansas and California -- at a local thrift shop on Saturday at their half-price sale. I have a "rule" that I don't pay more than $7 for a plate. That makes the hunt a lot more challenging. Well, these three plates cost me a whopping 50 cents each !!! Gotta love that!

And this cute little sugar bowl was a bargain at $4. "Azucar" bowl. I couldn't pass it up.
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