Friday, November 6, 2009

White Pumpkin

I am so in love with this white pumpkin.

As many of you know, I went on a search around town for a white pumpkin because I had seen the most wonderful project that involved using a regular round paper doily and brown craft paint.

You cut a hole out in the middle of the doily and it becomes a template for stenciling a beautiful lacy collar on the top of the pumpkin. Just lay the doily over the top and with a paint sponge, dab the color on filling in the holes of the doily. Absolutely breath-taking. I loved the look.

However........after an thorough search for the white pumpkin ---- I realized none of them were as pretty as I wanted them to be --- I'm picky that way.

The white pumpkins were really more greenish. And bumpy and bruised. AND they cost twice as much as your basic orange pumpkin.

Soooooo - I decided to just make my own. Found this big beauty at a farm stand for FREE !!!! Then, using painters tape, I taped off the stem. Got out my can of Harvest White spray paint and in just moments, I had a very beautiful white pumpkin.

THEN, I decided it was just too pretty to mess with. So the doily and paint craft project will just have to wait til another day.

As Thanksgiving draws near, I may get tired of the white pumpkin look and see what else I can do.

Right now, I'm just loving it sitting right here on my big dining table, in the middle of my New York leaves, perched on top of my "Oh taste and see that the LORD is good" cakestand.

It really doesn't take much to dazzle me. 'Cause every time I walk past and notice this pumpkin, I smile. Simple. Beauty.

Dana and Lily Kate coming for the weekend and will be here in just a few hours. And then we're all off to the ranch country south of here to visit Colin and Ronnie. I have much to do before they arrive, so I'd better get crack-a-lackin'.

Have a beautiful day everyone ! Blessings on your weekend.

Gwynie Pie
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