Thursday, January 7, 2010

Random thoughts on a very cold day

Every post deserves a picture, so as not to be boring, so here's my post picture for today.
Imagine me sitting right here
as close to this wonderful fire as I can get.

Ahhhhh -- that's nice. And yet, I'm still sooooo cold - brrrrr.
High today is below freezing, wind blowing. Low tonight somewhere around 12 !!!

HEY - I have a job. Yes, I'm going to work. Outside the home. I am the new postmaster relief
for one of the nearby small town post offices.
The opportunity to interview for the job just kind of came to me.
I'm a big believer in walking through an open door until it closes, sooooo -- now I have
a job, a very part-time job.

NOW that I have this job ---- I'm finding all sorts of projects I want to do here
at the house ---- and no time to do them of course .....cause I have a job. Ain't it the way?

I find that the absence of the Christmas decorations is SHOCKING to my system!
I love it for about a day.
Then I'm thinking "wonder what would look good right there?" and
am busy scouring through the closets and storage areas for something interesting
to go in that empty space.

Big football game tonight -- Texas vs. Alabama.
Being a true-maroon, die hard Texas A&M fan....
I don't have a dog in the fight. Don't care who wins. However ----
we will fix an enormous Sam's pepperoni pizza and
enjoy watching the game anyway.
Any excuse for a party.

Got my hair cut yesterday. An event for sure. I do that so rarely that it is quite the event
when it does happen.
AND something even more rare ---- I LOVE IT !!! Really, even the acid-test of looking
in the mirror first thing this morning???? Still love it. I'm thinking of calling the young
lady who cut it just to tell her that I love it.
I'll get a picture posted soon.
Truly - an amazing event.
Tell all your friends -- Gwyn Rosser got a haircut she loves. News at 10.

Well that's NOT all the "random thoughts" I can come up with, but I gotta go make a bed,
wash a dish, scrub a shower. Talk to y'all later.

Gwynie Pie
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  1. Excited about your job! Sad that it will create even less opportunity for us to get together. Can't wait to see the haircut and I know what you mean about the house being empty. I have many options with my new business but can't decide what I want to go up. It will be fun to see what we both decide.

  2. Yay for a job! Any job!
    And I know what you mean about daughter is a hairdresser so I get all my hair stuff done for free...and she says I am pickier than all of her clients!

  3. I so agree with you about the absence of Christmas decorations. It seems like someone gutted my house and left it bare. I too am eyeing the walls and furniture and seeing what I can dig up. Hope you love the job and it fun for you!

  4. i'm off to get an inch or so cut ... you inspired me!!!
    I was jus looking at your "things i love list" ... we must be joined at the hip

  5. Love your post. Wish I was in front of a fire. Next house will DEFINITELY have a fireplace. Miss you both sooooo much! Come visit. Love you.