Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A few of my favorite things...

Ingredients for a Wonderful Birthday Weekend ---

Bubble wrap which was wrapped around THE most fantastic birthday present EVER!!!! More about that later......

The bubble wrap alone provided tons of fun.

Biggest fish ever caught by Lily Kate. She's holding up a worm. She didn't want to hold the fish. Well, of course..........duh..........worms are so much
less??? gross than a fish???? eeeewwwww

OKAY, let me explain this very, very sweeeeeet picture.
It's my birthday! Soooo, I go by Halfmann's to get MY very favorite pie -- chocolate cream.

Hey, I'm gonna share.

Also pick up a few crescents and a couple cream cheese brownies.
Just for good measure, ya know.

My mother sends home a huge box of sweet rolls, donuts and various
pastries from the bakery.

And we end up with chockit pie PLUS a ton (no pun intended) of other bakery

Notice the fresh fruit. We're not ALL bad.

Lily Kate and Pops taking Lady Bird out for a spin around the pen.

Just a few of my favorite things from the weekend.
Gwynie Pie
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