Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Until further notice.........

Gotta show you my super,duper, fantastic, awesome
birthday gift.......
My family got it for me. TOTAL Surprise !!
I'm studying my manual, playing with the settings,
taking a few pictures.....and I LOVE IT !!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you my sweet family!Last Friday night we went out to dinner with two couples who are some of
our dearest friends --- yet over the past few months/years
we've spent less and less time with them as life
has become busier and crazier for us all.
How DOES that happen???
Anyway, had a delicious dinner at The Wharf,
complete with birthday cheesecake -
soooo good!, then went to one of their homes
for coffee and dessert and visiting.
This sweet little "stash" of fun was given
me by my friends.
Little did Mendi know that I was about to re-do my kitchen
with a 1940's, old-fashioned feel.
The cute towels fit in perfectly.
And Jill gave me the Hobby Lobby card.
Always the right color, size and fit.
Love it! Thanks friends.
We all need to just STOP and smell the...........
a little more often. Just kickin' back and visiting was the best.

My mother always gives each of us $$$$ for birthdays.
That way we can use it for what we need or something
we've really been wanting.

Weeeellllllll -
I've really been wanting my pre-pregnancy waistline
back, but I'm told they don't sell those in stores,
else we'd ALL have one.
Sooooo looks like I'm gonna have to work for it.
With one of these ---
The Abcircle (as seen on TV) is really a very fun
workout. Once I tried it, I was hooked.
AND that's saying something.
I am not easily impressed with forms of exercise.
Found it at Bed, Bath and Beyond
of all places.

Also - found this.....sitting there at Ross
the very last one of it's kind
just waiting patiently for me to find
it, love it and take it home with me.

Funny enough, William and I have been talking a lot lately
about this very sentiment. We don't want to just
celebrate the big occasions of life, but also
celebrate the everyday ones.

This sentiment pretty much summed it all up.
It's become our new motto.
Our words to live by.

"Until further notice,
Everything !!!!"

Gwynie Pie


  1. I love it Ms. Gwyn! I bought a new camera myself, JUST recently and I can relate to the wonderfulness of it all! Miss you very much! Hope to see you soon!

  2. I have been wanting a new digital for a long time...just not enough of $$$ right now! You will love it, I am sure!

  3. Happy Birthday! I love the "celebrate" plate. I hope I do not ever forget to celebrate the "small" things of living.

  4. Whoa, Gwen! Nice cameras mean you must take nice pictures. Just be careful taking pix of Christmas decorations, OK?

  5. Oh you lucky girl! A EOS is my dream camera! Happy belated birthday. I love the vintage towels too. You are a girl after my own heart. Have you entered my give away? It ends tomorrow night.