Friday, May 14, 2010

Totally random Friday .......

Welcome to Totally Random Friday....
where there is sooooo much to say
and soooo little time to say it...

About a week ago, while eating some lo mein noodles for lunch,
I swallowed the tine off one of these "premium" (i.e.- NOT flimsy stuff) forks.
Yes, accidently. I never even knew it until I looked down and the tine
was gone......down the hatch.
First, I panicked, then I worried.
Now --- pretty sure everything is "okay".
Weirder than weird, huh?

Just a day before that, the car opener/starter on my truck broke.
Turns out not a big deal -- I just have to reach under the dash
and flip a switch each time I start the truck and I'm good to go.
But, until we learned this little trick --- it was a BIG deal.

Then the same day, as my Prince was riding to my rescue,
his car started to severely overheat and had to go to the
car hospital for a scan.
Turns out -- easy fix.

The day before all this action, I lost a filling.
Back side of front tooth.
I've had this filling for 10 years, almost to the day.
And the one before that, I had for 10 years,
almost to the day.
I'm kind of attached to them.
AND -- my dentist 10 years ago,
sweet Dr. Ilene Rees, has
now specialized in orthodontics
and ..............waaaaaaaaaaaah
I have to find someone new.
Is there anything more gut-wrenching
than going to a new dentist???????

Well, probably.....but today.....I don't know
what that would be.......
very bad, yep, yep, very bad.
Oh, I have a big party happening
in a mere 8 hours. And this is just a sample of my house.
Not panicking. Not panicking. Not panicking.

THIS is THE best smellin', deliciously yummy
fragrance ev-er! Yes, it is! I love it so much!

How good is it? Well, it is almost, just almost, as good as
Coppertone. And you know how I feel about

I am on Day 4 of 9 days off from my job.
I am loving being at home again.
I am in my element. Ahhhhhh.
This is what I love, ya know?

Tomorrow, I am going all by myself on a little road trip for a few days.
Lily Kate is getting a new house (along with her Mama and Daddy).
Yes, they are leaving their sweet log cabin on the lake
for a home in the 'burbs.
A great house in a great neighborhood.

Soooo excited for them.

I'm going to spend the next few days helping pack up and
throw away.
Dana's motto is
"If it doesn't bless your house,
out it goes."
It's a great motto if you want to adopt it
for your own Spring cleaning adventures.

I'm so looking forward to the little "vacation"
and spending time with their family.

Right now though.....
I gotta go get cracka-lackin'


Gwynie Pie
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  1. ... actually don't know if I could do that for the burbs ....

    have a greeeeeeat long weekend