Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Eagles

I've really been slacking when it comes to
blogging. I find I'm too busy taking care of the necessary things and
don't ever get around to doing the fun things.

One of those FUN things
I DID get around to was this ---

Last Saturday daughter Dana and I went to see

THE Eagles !!!!

Not the "bald" Eagles as Lily Kate has been calling them for a long time now.
We think maybe she got a trip to the zoo where she saw bald eagles
a bit mixed up with the Eagles her Pops and Pie listen to
and so -- for us, they will forever be
The Bald Eagles ------------
She asked for us to put The Bald Eagles in the cd
player when we are on the road.
And you can't fool her either.
We've tried to branch out and play someone
else. Nope. That girl knows her bald Eagles.

This concert was.....well.....I've been looking
for the right words ever since. And I'm not finding
words to tell you just how much fun this was.
Or how great the concert was.

I just kept saying "This is so fun!"

Inside I was squealing. A Lot. And often.
But a mature woman of my age
shouldn't squeal. Out loud. So I kept that to myself.

We travelled from downtown Fort Worth to downtown
on the train, which was a great and fun experience
in and of itself.
We will definitely be doing that again.

It was smooth, fairly cool, very crowded
and very cosmospolitan. Now there's a word
we folks in west Texas don't use often -

Our stop was literally across the street
from American Airlines Center.
Our seats were great !!! As you can see by
the picture.

Such FUN!!!!

The Eagles played from almost 8 until almost midnight
with only a short intermission which Glenn Frey said was so that
we could all rest.

He started off the concert, after they thrilled me by
singing Seven Bridges Road,
by welcoming us to
"the Assisted Living Tour".

Those guys are all my age or older and
the tight harmony they are known
for is just as it's always been --
phenonmenal !

This may have been my first Eagles concert,
but it will not be my last.
I'm going again next time they are
close and taking people with me.

Just get ready friends!

Gwynie Pie
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  1. I LOVE them ... you must be 'bout as old as me!
    I doubt it!


  2. They are one of the greats. We've seen a few in concert (Stones, Pink Floyd, David Bowie, BeeGees, and more) but have never seen the Eagles live. It must have been awesome.