Saturday, July 31, 2010

When last I blogged (which would have been sooner,
but my internet has been down about as often as it's been up lately) --
I was saying how it is my goal to be
"crisply organized".

Since I made up the phrase, I'll give you my definition.

Crisply organized --
To be so organized and in control of my household
that 1). I could direct anyone else to easily find soap, scissors,
bandaids or blankets;
and 2). My husband could, in my absence, locate a pay stub,
car registration notice or a receipt.....AND be able
to tell what bill has or has not been taken of.

To be crisply organized is to be
deliberate and thoughtful about how we live
INside our home,
we can be free to live deliberately
and thoughtfully OUTside our home.

THIS is my goal.

Getting off work at 2:15 each day really has been
a wonderful thing.
I've been working each afternoon for
about 3hrs. and then he helps
me with the bigger stuff for anothe 2 hrs.
we still have time to work on our joint projects
like floating in the pool
catching up on Memphis Beat.

Now, I don't want you to have a false impression about
the level of upheaval in our home.
Company could walk in right this very moment
and they would be quite comfortable without me doing
very much at all.

Living room is tidy, vacuumed, smells good.
Dining table is clean with a nice centerpiece.
Kitchen has cleared surfaces and even the fridge isn't too bad.

The disorganized parts are all very well hidden --
in drawers,
behind doors,
under beds.

So this clean-up effort involves digging down deep --

I've been dragging around here
for months now -- really taking this "working" thing hard.
I have truly been exhausted physically.

But spiritually -- I've been draggin' as well.

When you are draggin' spiritually - you just need a revival.
Nothing else will do.

Other things may jazz you up for a while,
but unless the changes are deep in my soul,
it ends up being just a flurry of activity
producing short-term results,
not the

Two things have happened to me spiritually
over the past 3 weeks
that have been so impactful
and so from the LORD
that I am
get it together.
STOP whining.
and grumbling.

I know none of the above
tells you anything about my "battle with the paper".

Suffice it to say ---

I WON!!!!!!!!!

Really though, here's what I did -----

I gathered up ALL the paper in our house.
Yes, ALL.

It was quite a pile.

Then, I started going through it piece by piece.
Everything unnecessary was
either shredded or burned.

Everything else
I organized in folders
which were labeled
and are now stored in 2 plastic files
and several bankers boxes.

You can get really pretty bankers boxes
now at Wal-mart
and I bought 4 of those for
my office shelves where I want "pretty".

The not so pretty ones are under the
desk behind the cute black and white gingham

The desktop is organized with
pretty black and white
folders --
Tax info
House projects
Ranch work list

I also have implemented a little system
involving notebooks,
but this post is too, too long already


I have to say here -- every day after work, William has
pitched in and helped.
He knows what a spiritual battle
this is for me and
has been so supportive.

I am in NO WAY finished......

I have much more to tackle.
Stay tuned ...................

Gwynie Pie

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