Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I have long wanted to put glass doors on my upper kitchen cabinets.

But that just seems like such an undertaking.

Especially when..............

what I REALLY want to do is paint the cabinets white.

But ----------------what I really, really, REALLY want ------------ knock out a wall

open up the kitchen to the dining room and living room.

That isn't going to be happening any time soon. Nor the painting of the cabinets.

my mother made me promise.

long story.


Sooooo, in browsing through some of my favorite blogs,
I was inspired by
the story of a kitchen that could not be painted
because the landlord said "no" and
do you know what that clever renter did????

She completely covered every single part of her cabinets with white contact paper. It cost about $10.00
for the entire room. And it looks spectacular !!!!

So --- being inspired --- I just decided instead of painting the outside of the cabinets,
I would change up the inside of them. With wrapping paper.

Hobby Lobby has some of the most beautiful wrapping paper right now.

Paisleys, polka dots, damask, stripes and this beautiful houndstooth design.

I cut the strips to fit the back of the shelves, spray a little(lot) of adhesive on the back side of
the paper and press into place.

Oh yeah - I removed the doors entirely.

I LOVE the new look.

It just completes the bright, old-fashioned look I have going on.
Right now.

Stick'll change.

Liking it a lot!

("antique" cookbook collection)

Gwynie Pie
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  1. You came up with a brilliant solution with the pretty paper, I did that same thing in our last house with wallpaper! I love the contact paper idea, I did that to an avocado green ancient fridge back in 1986! NO one could tell, and I had the white fridge I wanted for just a few bucks.

    Hope you will one day get the kitchen of your dream, but until then yours is super cute!

  2. It's bright, and cheery, and perfect!
    I love it!!!
    And what a darling kitchen you have!