Tuesday, October 19, 2010

FIVE Days of FALL - Day 2

Okay, well ---- we are NOT movin' right along with these FIVE days, are we?
That's because ----
I got a little (lot) distracted.
I've been busy doing
not much blogging.

I had a "brilliant beyond brilliant idea"
(name that movie)

aren't they all?
at least in theory.
and on paper.

Well, THIS idea was a winner!!
I moved the office/craft room
out of #1 bedroom
(which has not ever been a bedroom)
we are making #1 into a real live
usable-by-guests bedroom.

It's gonna be so cute.
More on that as it happens.

The moving of my office from one end of the
house to the other was a bit of a task, though.
And it involved calling in the net provider
to move computer connection from one end of the
house to the other as well.

Then, William and I turned our room on end
moving pretty much every piece of furniture
and all its contents to somewhere else
in the house.

Fruit basket turnover style.

A horrific mess for about 2 days and

Super good.
Super fun.
Super cute.

When I get the curtains up later today,
I will definitely share.

Soooo, BACK to Day 2 of Fall ~~~~~

The house is decorated end to end
and top to bottom for
Fall ~~~
it just makes me smile
and sigh a happy sigh
when I walk through the house.

Don't cha just love it when your home
IS your "happy place"?

My next step is to make this
happy place

I made a trip to Bath and Body yesterday
for Fall fragrances in
I only buy these items there when they
are on 1/2 price
so I can get twice !!!! as much

Delicious scents warm up every room
in the house .......
Frosted Cranberry
Creamy Pumpkin
and right now I have
a Winter candle
burning on my desk that
I promise you has a hint of mesquite smoke
in it.

Glade also makes some wonderful seasonal candles
that smell great.
am I the last person on earth
to discover Mrs. Meyers ???

I bought the all-purpose spray
back in the spring
and use it for cleaning just about everything.

It just freshens up a room instantly.
All her products are natural
and safe to use in kids rooms
and kitchens.

The best way to make your home SMELL deliciously Fall-like
of course, is to bake something yummy.
Something involving apples and cinnamon
is always a crowd pleaser.

And nothing!!! is better than a pot of soup or stew
simmering on the stove
with a pan of cornbread
homemade French bread
in the oven.

This soup
was kind of a "end of summer"
put together soup
that turned out fantastic !!!

Saute a big onion
and several cloves of garlic,
rough chopped
in a good amount (1/4 cup) olive oil.

When the onion and garlic are translucent,
add sliced or diced
zuchinni (2-3)
yellow squash (2-3).
Cook until they start to get done.

This is where you need to add about a Tablespoon salt
and 1/2 Tablespoon pepper
I also added about 1/2 Tablespoon
crushed red pepper
but it was borderline HOT.
I will back it down on the red pepper next time.

Then add
a large can diced tomatoes,
a can of Ro-tel
chicken broth --
a good amount is needed here....
probably 2 qts at least.

After it is good and hot,
break into small pieces
a BIG handful of
fettucini or spaghetti
(any pasta will do here).

Simmer until pasta is done.

THEN -- and do not skip this step....
Add at least a cup of
half and half.

You will not be sorry....
trust me on this.....
I know my soups.

Sooooooo - here is bottomline ---
get some great comforting
scents going in your home today.

You are going to love it.
Even cleaning house is better
when great scents are going on.

AND ~~~~~
Your husband and kids
will be delighted to step through the
door this afternoon
to a warm Fall welcome.

Gwynie Pie

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