Saturday, January 24, 2009


I've been "dreaming" a lot lately! Sorting out what's from God and what's from my own overactively and fertile imagination is quite the challenge. As I have prayed through all of these possibilities before me, I have pared down my list of New Year's goals for 2009. As I began to look at what was laid out before me, items fell out naturally into 4 different categories. : Physical, Spiritual, Knowledge/Skills and Just for Fun, although some items probably overlap into more than one category. I am listing these Dreams from the Lord here for a couple of reasons. First, I want these goals written down where I can see them and be reminded of them every day. I want to have them in front of me so I know where I'm going. Like having a little GPS/roadmap of goals for 2009. And second, I want to be open in my life and invite accountability from my friends. Also I wouldn't mind your prayers as I set out to accomplish what the Lord has laid out for me this year. So, here is the list --

Physical goals --
  • 1. Lose x number of pounds this year. The Lord has given me a number and I will likely be sharing more about this area as the year goes along. Whereas in decades past, my desire in losing weight was to look good in a swimsuit for the summer or to fit into some skinny dress for a special event, these days I just desire to live every year, day and moment the Lord intends AND to be healthy! To Live Out Loud!!!
  • 2. Train to participate (whether by running/jogging/walking/shuffling) in the Jingle Bell run in Fort Worth in December 2009. This is something I would love to "run" with my daughter, granddaughter and any other family and friends who want to join us.

Spiritual goals --

  • 1. Read thru the Bible this year along with many from my church, Paulann, who are taking the challenge. On this Day 26 of that process, my life has already been enriched. There is nothing, nothing like Truth -- God's Word -- to enhance and empower life!!
  • 2. Memorize 24 scriptures over the course of the year. Beth Moore, on her blog, has challenged her fellow travellers, to memorize a new scripture every 1st and 15th of each month. Here's how it works: search out what scripture the Lord is pointing out in your life, then write that scripture down in a journal, notebook -- I keep mine in a 5 by 7 index card spiral. Then keep that scripture before your eyes for the next 1/2 month -- read it, repeat it, write it, say it and meditate on it! I've always used the excuse "I just can't memorize" when it comes to scripture memory. But, the Lord has pointed out to me that is not true. I manage to memorize all sorts of other stuff that isn't of any consequence in my life AT ALL! (song lyrics, names of tv characters, quotes) OOOOhhhh - busted!!! So, here I go ............
  • 3. Do 2 meaty Bible studies during the year. I need the consistency of having "homework" on a daily basis and I need the consistency of interaction with other women in a Bible study setting. "Iron sharpens iron" and we all need to keep sharp!!

Knowledge/Skills goals --

  • 1. Start and keep a blog. In starting this blog, I am realizing a long time dream of having a forum to write down "the thinks I think". I always said it would be a process primarily just for me -- therapeutic, like a diary, and IF someone read my words and IF someone liked them or related to them, great. And IF no one read or enjoyed or even cared about my blog, so be it! After all, it was just for me anyway. HA!!! Putting your thoughts on a "page" and putting them out there is, I am finding, a really weird and sometimes scary thing. I find that I am waaaaay too susceptible to what someone else thinks of me, way too insecure to just truly not care what you think. And ya know, I think that is another goal I've just unearthed. :) I think this goal would better be listed under "spiritual" but since I'm on a roll, here goes --- It is my goal (and definitely God's dream for me) to become so totally secure in who I am in HIM, that it truly doesn't matter so much what someone else thinks!! Really, we all could have that as a goal, perhaps. Especially we women! I fear we are, many of us, too wrapped up in what someone thinks of us and how we live our lives. I'm gonna work on this!!
  • Back a trailer -- yes, I know. How can a girl grow up in the country on a farm and ranch and not know this basic of life? Well, my Dad always did the backing up of the trailer. Then my husband did it. Now my kids do it. I just never learned how. I've tried it a couple times, took out a fence post or two, cranked the steering wheel so far we nearly jackedknifed in the pasture :) and then got out, went around to the passenger's seat and let someone else do it!!!! for gosh sakes. BUT, I want, no I need to learn to back a trailer!!!!
  • Learn to play my guitar. Now I have always, always, as long as I can remember, wanted to play a guitar. My husband surprised me with a guitar on my birthday a couple years ago and I completely panicked. When he presented it to me, he had me close my eyes and hold out my arms and he laid it across them and then "surprise! open your eyes!" I know he expected more joy and excitement on my part. But I just sat there with a "deer in the headlights" look thinking "Awwww, no!!!!!" I mean, I'd been talking about how I would just love to play the guitar and how that really was something I wanted to learn and I really thought that would be on my "bucket list"(if I had a bucket list) and blah, blah, blah. And THEN there is a guitar in my arms -- Busted, dude!!!! In effect, he called my bluff. And I was so undone by it, it went back in the case and I've never even touched it since. Can you believe that! What a weeny!!!! Soooo, gonna pick that baby up and learn to do something? -- a nice chord perhaps? :) Gonna be livin' LOUD!!!!

Just For Fun --

  • Float another river. I have a goal of floating all the floatable rivers in Texas. There are quite a few. Honestly, I don't really know exactly how many. But, I've only floated 3 of them so far. And I need to be floating somewhere this summer if that goal is gonna be achieved in my lifetime. Ahhh, so many rivers, so little time..........
  • Learn to kayak/canoe. It looks like so much fun! I'm really not much for boating in general, I guess. Speed boats, ski boats, bass boats, peerows -- non hold much fascination for me. Now a yacht -- there a boat I could get into!! HA!! Really, to float/paddle a kayak or a canoe just seems to me to be very "basic" somehow. Very simple, very soothing, very primal ----
  • Ride a horse. Now I have ridden a horse before, but only a couple of times. Not pleasant or fun in any way. It was a brain-jarring experience actually and much flapping and flailing went on. But, I love horses so much and I am enough of a romantic and a country girl, that I want to try it again.

So, there it is!! My Goals and God's Dreams for me for 2009! Wow!! Gotta go, kids.....time's a'wastin'.......................................................................................


  1. Gwyn Thanks for sharing! I pray that you can reach all your dreams in 2009. I can't wait to hear the stories that the year will bring!