Thursday, January 29, 2009

PARTY ON !!!!!!!

I am gonna get pictures on here!! Really I am! Just as soon as I figure out that part. I'll be calling on some of you other kind blogger friends to help me!!!!

Today is already Thursday?? I can't believe it's Thursday already!!!! I really ought to be in a big panic by now, really I figured I'd flip out way before now. But I'm surprisingly, even somewhat suspiciously calm. Hmmm?

As some of you know, my oldest son, Colin got married to the love of his life, Ronnie, last month right after Christmas. Because they really wanted a very intimate wedding with their immediate family and very closest friends in attendance, only those people were invited to the wedding. The wedding was way out in the remote, west Texas panhandle area and was quite a drive for most friends, especially during the holidays. Soooo, we planned a big reception/shower/party and have invited everyone to come celebrate their marriage with us. Saturday is party day! Yea! I am so excited on many levels -- 1. I love parties! Actually, I love hosting parties way better than attending parties, and 2. I love planning parties! also 3. we will get to sit and visit with friends - old and new. But mostly, 4. I have never seen my son, Colin, so happy. Ever! In his whole life! What a joy it has been to see God orchestrate this love story! It all happened very quickly, very calmly and without any drama at all. It's been so much fun and we've all just been "kicked back" about it all. Which is my only explanation for the lack of panic today. I've been so "kicked back" I just haven't even made any lists.

I am a big planner and all in all, a better than average organized person. I always, always have lists going. Grocery list, chore list, weekend work list, home repair list, ranch work list, books I love list, on and on it goes. I work off of lists, my life revolves around lists. And, I , for the most part, usually have it pretty together....because of my lists!!!! For an event of this magnitude, I really ought to have a minimum of 4 lists going for several weeks now, just to keep it all straight. But, I don't!! Yesterday was the first time I made a list of any kind for the party and that was just for groceries. So the fact that it is already Thursday and we have a party happening in about 48 hrs. to which I have invited 300 of our closest friends and family AND I'm not in full blown, sitting in a corner, whimpering panic ---- remarkable!! really, truly remarkable!!

Just a few hrs. ago, well, several hrs. ago now -- I did wake up at 4 a.m., wild-eyed and staring out into the dark and wondering "where might I find some tablecloths??, huh??? where? and what do ya think ya might want to put in the middle of those tables with those tablecloths that I'm gonna find wherever it is you get tablecloths? huh??? AND what are we gonna do with ......" Good Grief!! I neeeeeeeeed some lists!!!!!!!! Gotta go now. Gotta go make lists. Gotta preserve what bits of sanity I have left. (to be continued.......)


  1. You crack me up!!! Have fun at the party!

  2. You are going to have an absolute fabulous time. Give everyone a kiss for me and I'll be thinking of all of you. I love you all so much!! Love, Christi