Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Great Morning with MOPS !!!!

Yesterday, William and I had the privilege of speaking to the MOPS group at our church. We had such a good time there, visiting with our old friends and meeting new ones. It was a very uplifting and encouraging experience for us. But, more than anything, we were just excited to see those young women - busy wives, moms, homemakers - taking time from their crazy week to connect with and encourage each other.

It made me very nostalgic about the "Old" days when I was there every Monday morning as well........some of the sweetest times of my life!! were spent with those ladies, laughing and crying and working things out.

William and I had a great time! and thank you, friends, for your friendship and love AND for the very tasty gift you gave us. Wasn't necessary, but it sure is fun!!! Thank you!

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