Friday, February 27, 2009


After a long and especially dirty Fall and Winter, I am so ready for a clean house!!! We live less than a quarter mile from a big ol' cotton gin and man, is it ever dirty around here. Cotton harvesting season begins early September and goes until it's all done, this year it was finished late January. That means the gin roars and belches dirt, dust and fibers into the air for almost half a year. Seven days a week, 24 hours a runs. Fortunately, unless a real "norther" comes through (and we had a few this year) we are usually spared being covered up with the fall-out. Why don't we just move??? You know why!!! This is home -- for better or worse. AND the better is sooooo good, we can put up with the worse.

Anyway, it's time to Spring Clean!! I love it! Always have! Spring cleaning, done correctly, is quite a process. I don't take down and wash the curtains. And I don't dismantle the blinds and haul them out to the yard to wash them off. I've been involved in that kind of spring cleaning with my mother and Mamaw and, "abbreviated" style will just have to do.

I cleaned my bedroom Monday, top to bottom. The above picture is of the sitting area end of the room, with everything dusted and swept and mopped and straightened......ahhhhhhhhh! I can breathe easier now -- literally --- I can breathe easier. You should have seen the pile!!! of dust bunnies and dirt I hauled out of there! And NO I didn't take a picture of that.....maybe I should have? No! No one needs to see that! You might never ever come to my house again....................

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