Friday, February 20, 2009

I Truly LOVE Aprons!!

Aprons are such a blast from the past, aren't they? When Mamaw tied on an apron, she meant business!!! Work was about to commence.......

The lady wearing the apron in this picture is my great-aunt Pernie. Mamaw is the one wearing the stylish hat and holding the pan; that's my mother looking at the camera -- isn't she pretty? And that's me, there in the background, dancing around, oblivious to the fact that I'm dangerously close to showing off my underpants...........

Wearing an apron to fix a meal was THE rule at Mamaw's house. Actually, I didn't know anyone who would dare to work in the kitchen without their apron --- lands sake, y'all!!

If you were female and standing around in Mamaw's kitchen, she was gonna tie an apron on you. So you just might as well go on and get happy about it!

When we sat down to eat, the aprons came off.....there was a row of cup hooks behind the big, swinging kitchen door that led out to the dining room where we hung our aprons. Then we put them on again when the meal was done. Clearing, washing, drying, putting away....all this required an apron!

I must say, when I was a teenager --- rebellious and a bit sassy ----wearing an apron was not one bit appealing! Gloria Steinham, the "ringleader" of the women's lib movement of the 60's, and her buddies thought the apron (along with the bra) was a symbol of female oppression. I was not so "evolved" in my thinking. I didn't really have a "social agenda" as to why I objected to the wearing of the apron.......

All I knew was -----wearing an apron just made me mad(der)! I mean I was already pretty ticked off that the men got to retire to the living room and relax. Mamaw would shoo them off with a "y'all just go sit and rest a while", while I seethed and gritted my teeth. She just seemed so doggone pleased about it, too! What WAS her deal, anyway????

Years later, I realized that for Mamaw, it was all about having a "servant's heart". It was all about using her talents and abilities and the areas the Lord had gifted her, to serve those she loved and those He put in her path. She was such a servant!!!

Mamaw, if she even knew who Gloria was, would have surely just felt sorry for the poor misled girl and would have called her "liberation movement" pure craziness. "Why, goodness! Whatever would I need to be liberated from?"

I always thought Mamaw must be so tired all the time. And I guess I felt a little sorry for her, doing all that planning and gathering and cooking and cleaning up afterwards. How unfair was that??? But you know what??? Today, I do the very same things. And I love it!!! I love all that planning and gathering and cooking and cleaning up afterwards.

William and I just love having people out to the house. We always eat --- ALWAYS!!! And we play games and visit. We catch up on what's happening in each other's lives. We watch football and basketball, maybe even play a little golf out front. We pile in the trucks and go down to the ranch to fish or hunt or chop firewood.

And yeah, it's work! Lots of work!!! And oh yes!!! It is soooo worth it! We do love it so!!! I guess "we get it honest".

Really, when I think of the Proverbs 31 woman, I see Mamaw. I'd love to be more like her. Because she was just being like Jesus. He was her role model. She did for others because she was infused with the love of Christ. That's what propelled her forward everyday, in every task....she just loved the Lord and did what He led her to do!!!

So, back to those aprons ----- Those aprons that once were such a symbol of female are to me a symbol of having a servant's heart. A symbol of doing for others from a pure heart, led by the Lord.

And as the years have passed, I'm the one admiring and scooping up aprons at thrift stores, garage sales and flea markets. And instead of being all bent out of shape about it.....I've actually promoted the wearing of aprons. HA!
(okay, the fact that I can't make my pictures post within this story is making me crazy!!!! Other bloggers reading this --- if you know the solution, help me out, please) On with the story ------
Here's my sweet Lily Kate helping her Pops and Pie make little loaves of delicious pumpkin bread this past Thanksgiving. AND she is wearing the apron (one of many) that my Mamaw made for me when I was her size. ADorAble!!!! Don't ya love it? it's come full circle now........
Love you all --
Gwynie Pie


  1. Gwyn, what a sweet story. I don't have an apron, but I've been thinking about getting one. What a good idea to look at garage sales, etc. Yeah, I think I'm gonna start looking!

    And about the always helps me to upload all my pictures that I'll need for my post and then type around them. And I always upload them to the 'center'; just seems to make it easier!

  2. OK girl...I LOVE APRONS TOO!!!!!!!!!!! As a matter of fact, I asked for one for Christmas and didn't get a one. So, I went looking. I found some of the cutest old fashioned looking ones at Ross, of all places. I ended up buying two and wanted to buy more. My mom and Grandma ALWAYS wore them, too. I even have one about a size 2T from when I was little. Maybe I can find a picture somewhere....hmmmmm!