Tuesday, February 17, 2009


JUNKIN' --- Friday was junkin' day with my friend, Haley. We started our day by fueling up with coffee, biscuits and gravy at the Mesquite Bean Cafe, then proceeded to the junk/resale/treasure stores. It's a good thing we had a little breakfast since at 4:30 in the afternoon, we realized we'd completely missed lunch-----------NOT my usual M.O. to miss a meal, so you know I was having a Blast!!!!

Haley was looking for things to finish off the decor in her new house. And she found some fantastic items,including a per-fect!!! chair for her living room! Also some great colorful dishes to hang, several sweet, little lamps to add spots of warmth throughout her house and bunches more great stuff!!
I was looking for something to warm up my kitchen and give it a little life!

As I have added and subtracted in my kitchen, somehow it has just become ....blah! and dull! I have always loved the color of Jadeite, a very collectible and very pricey, type of dishware from the 40s and 50s. Sooooo, I was hoping I might just stumble upon some. But I saw only one small Jadeite bowl in all our searching. However----

I DID find several pieces of this -----
Great color!! Seven Melamine plates for $4.25!!!! The two small green ones are serving as spoon rests by the stovetop....and the pink and gray ones are already in Lily Kate's toy closet....I'm sure she will be serving her famous pink and purple Playdough cookies from them very soon. ALSO found the antique glass oil lamp for $7!! and it matches another one I had. They will look great together on the mantel for a Spring look. Or I may fill them with citronella oil and actually use them on the back porch this summer!
Aren't these CUTE???? Apple-shaped pottery bowls. I've never before seen any like these. I love them!!! And can't wait to serve some apple pie in them. They were on SALE -- woohoo!! --- $10 for the set of 9 bowls.
I also snagged a raffia-wrapped wine bottle for $1. When we were first married we had in the middle of our little dining table, a wine bottle with dripping candles. Yes, I know -- the height of style! Hey --- we were college kids --- we also had black light posters in the bedroom. Anyway, I want to recreate that "centerpiece" look for Italian night when I make lasagna and spaghetti -- ambiance, ya know...... I think it'll be fun!
The little silver-plated sugar bowl was just too sweet and too cute to pass up. Another great find were the embroidered pillowcases with Mr. and Mrs. on them.....too sweet! They are very large, king-size and I might could actually use them. But I'm thinking of making a couple of throw pillows out of them for our bed.
A wonderful time was had!! and I can't wait to do it again very soon! Anyone is welcome to come along next time. I would love, love, love to put together a "junkin' tour" where a whole bunch of us girls could all go together.....I think that would be a blast!!!! We could start small and just hit a few places locally the first time. Then maybe branch out and go on an overnight tour to Fredericksburg/Mason/Kerrville/Comfort area. If you read this and are interested, let me know. It could happen!!!!
Thanks for stopping by! Good junkin'

Gwynie Pie


  1. Girl...if you go to Kerrville or F'burg or anywhere close to me...I AM IN!!! Let me know. I can't wait!!!

  2. I would LOVE to do this...sounds like so much fun! Holler at me the next time y'all go!