Wednesday, March 18, 2009

BUCKSHOT! --- yumm-o

THIS is Lily Kate -- she's blissed-out while eating what she called "da goodest chokit in da ho woold"! And this girl knows her chokit!! THIS is Buckshot! an almost full box of these delicious and chocolaty little candies. William gave me this beautiful box of candies during my birthday week. It was quite pretty in a bright red, sparkly box with a cream-colored bow. The buckshot, as you may can tell, are very pretty as well.
If you haven't been to Sugar Daddy Desserts yet and if you even remotely enjoy chocolate, give yourself a treat and stop in for a real delight. The owner and chocolatier is James Crowder. The address is 2411 College Hills Blvd, across the street from Ichiban's. The website is

Each buckshot is the perfect size to pop in your mouth and let it melt...yum!....unless you are a two year old chocolate lover. Then it may take you four blissful bites to consume.

Stop in and tell them a two year old sent you.........

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