Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Feed On The Word

I love, love, love these dishes!! My kids gave them to me this past weekend for my birthday. I have long admired the entire set of this very beautiful china. Every piece, and there are many pieces, is an off-white with scripture in black around the edge. Every piece has a different scripture. And there are many scripture "themes" to choose from -- Faith, Prayer, Heritage, Children, Family, Country -- lots more.
There in the background to the side you can see the footed cake stand that was given to me on another occasion. The cake stand has held beautiful cakes and pies year-round as well as floral arrangements in the Fall and big chunky red candles at Christmas. I love it!! The kids also gave me the big fruit/pasta bowl with the fruits of the spirit written around the inside edge. It's filled with apples today but in the future I'm seeing maybe chicken fettucini alfredo or maybe a huge green salad.

Anyway, I love them! Just wanted you to see them. I figure you might love them too. And if you are interested, you can see the entire collection on the web at


  1. I love your dishes, Gwyn! I was just thinking the other day that I am "due" some new dishes. Ok, maybe not "due", but I sure would like to have some.

  2. Wow! Those are so cool! I love them!

  3. You must be a really special mother. So happy that your kids blessed you so. Love the dishes! Now whenever you are eating dinner and someone calls and interrupts you, you can say you were in the Word rather than eating dinner. :)

  4. Thanks for saying hi the other day! I'm glad you're enjoying my blog. It's an honor for others to allow me to speak into their lives. I really like these dishes too! My sister in law has them too and they are wonderful!