Monday, March 30, 2009

Finished Project

Here are the before and after of a project I've been working on
this week --
I've had this chair for a long time. It has just laid around in the barn
I decided to either fix it up OR get rid of it !!!
Not one to willingly part with my "goodies", I decided to
think, think, think.....what could I use that chair for?????
I cut off all the old seat material and used Ballet Slipper Pink (Krylon brand)
to paint the frame.
Michael's (San Angelo) had a clearance on the huge shapes last week.
There are other shapes that could be used in a ton of other projects --
boy, girl, house --
The picture on the package showed a project where you criss-cross wrap
ribbons around the painted object and then use it
as a message/photo board. Very cute!!
I sprayed on the chalkboard paint. Then wrapped a yard of tulle around the bottom part in order to hold the pink daisys in place.
Then made a simple bow to attach.
That's it --------
Spray paint is one of THE best inventions EVER !!!
Write your message on the board in chalk and voila, you're in business!
SO -- the chair becomes our WELCOME sign and will sit out by the front door when we are having guests
such as the ladies group Thursday night,
Easter, Mother's Day.
What kinds of projects are you working on??? I'd love to hear about them.
Happy Crafting!
Gwynie Pie


  1. ADORABLE!!! Bailey and I were talking about just how creative you are! You could teach a class in all these little creative ideas you come up with! Love you!

  2. The chair is so sweet! Way to go Gwynie Pie!