Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Festivities

Soooo - this is my mom, GG. She's quite the fashionista--wearing a smart green hat cocked jauntily on her head.
Here is Grammy, William's mom, also wearing a smart chapeau in red.
We got both of our moms little digital photo keychains. They both are picture-carrying great grandmothers and love to show off those pictures everywhere they go. They were pretty intrigued, very confused but really happy with the gift.
Here they are still playing with their new toys.
And here is William, his sister Elaine, Colin and Ronnie and Elaine's grandson, Johnathan -- all decked out in their hats. Charles, Scott, and Jenn were all here today too, they just chose to not wear a hat, so no picture. And NO the hats were not part of our Mother's Day celebration. Johnathan found the stack of hats in the toy closet and soon we were all wearing them. He thought we all looked pretty funny. Really?
It really was a great Mother's Day ! We went to church, then went to our small group. Saw old friends who were visiting at church today for Mother's Day and that was great. Then we came home and ate a delicious lunch of Sam's lasagna, Sam's garlic toast and Sam's big ol bag o salad. My mom made two chocolate pies. Elaine made a German chocolate cake and the best chocolate chunk cookies EVER !!! She also brought Blue Bell vanilla ice cream and I had a wonderful chocolate chunk cookie ice cream sandwich. WOW was it delicious! We sat around and visited for much of the rest of the afternoon. No dishes to wash since we used all throw away so clean-up was a breeze. Loved that part.
Dana called from Granbury. And Devin called from Bryan. And as I've said before -- any day I get to talk to all three kids is a banner day for me. Then throw in that I get to talk with my kids-in-law and the grandbaby and ...well, life is just sweet and good and all things wonderful ! I had a spectacular Mother's Day ! Hope you did too!
Blessings on you today, Moms !
Gwynie Pie

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  1. Gwynie, I love your big blue pool! Way to go woman! This is my first time here to your blog and I took a minute to read some of your back posts...I loved the fire pit too!!!! I am also a country girl, and I love life along the "Redneck Riviera" better place to be than "away" from the maddening crowd! lol ♥