Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sweet Day

The Fly Lady (a.k.a. Marla Cilley) was in San Angelo at the Convention Center as the speaker for a Healthy Woman series event. I learned about The Fly Lady waaaay back during my Heart days, when I was part of a group of women who met weekly to live out Titus 2:3-5. The passage begins "you older women teach the younger women....." well, I was an "older women". We covered various topics each week - raising Godly children, respecting our husbands, and being keepers of the home with topics in areas of decorating, organization, de-cluttering AND cleaning the house.

House cleaning can be overwhelming, but The Fly Lady taught us real methods and some skills to make it as quick and painless as possible.
Her first book was called Sink Reflections. The first thing she instructs a homekeeper to do is clean your sink. And not just scour it our with Ajax! Oh no! She says to obsessively clean that sink. Get out an old toothbrush and work on every part of that sink until it absolutely sparkles and shines. I must say when I did practice her methods and keep that sink shiny, my "cleaning chores" really were lighter and much more manageable. She just has really thought through each task you might be faced with. Great book. And now she has another book called "Body Clutter"....oh lawsy !!!! Can I go there?

Soooo, I went to the luncheon today where she was the speaker. I totally enjoyed myself. Sat at a table with some great friends and visited, laughed a bunch and listened to The Fly Lady speak. Marla is so unassuming, so not flashy or glamorous, but just very "real". Now THERE is a Real Housewife who is a real housewife.

Well, right now I can't see the sink for the dirty dishes stacked there. So, I'm going to go remedy that right now !!!

I'm also probably going to post again later tonight....stay tuned. I have a few fun decorating ideas I used in Tuesday night's talk that I want to share with y'all.

Happy sink cleaning,
Gwynie Pie

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