Saturday, July 11, 2009

Best Sandwich EVER

This is the secret ingredient
in seriously THE BEST sandwich EVER !!
at least til the NEXT Best sandwich comes along.

I am a fan of a good sandwich -- and picky-er about my

sandwich fixin's than any other food I eat.

For instance ---- IF I'm having freshly baked ham in a

sandwich, then I want white bread with Miracle Whip

and nothing else -- no tomatoes, no lettuce, no cheese -- nothing!

A grilled cheese sandwich just screams for white bread.

IF I'm having pastrami, then I gotta have good, hearty

Jewish rye good!

Cajun roast beef sandwiches are best on

bollilos with a good spicy mustard and lettuce.

Now a sliced turkey sandwich can be made on any

kind of sliced bread, but must have

jellied cranberry sauce instead

of mayo or mustard -- I love that!

I do know a good sandwich, let me tell you.

So when I say this one is the BEST EVER

(til the NEXT best comes along)

believe me !!!

Spread two slices of any kind of bread -- but good

hearty grainy bread is best -- with

about 2 Tablespoons each of

pineapple cream cheese.

Layer on very thinly sliced ham --

I bought Tyson brand Black Forest ham

and it is superb.

Then layer on thinly sliced tomatoes, cucumbers,

red onions, romaine, spinach -- just load it up

with everything you love.

I made mine with just romaine and cucumbers and
it was delicious !!
I made the same thing for dinner Thursday using
large tortillas instead of bread
and I added
It was a big hit !!
What's your favorite sandwich????
Just curious....
it might be my NEXT best sandwich
EVER !!!!
Gwynie Pie


  1. Great sandwich combos! I like to make authentic Cuban sandwiches. I don't have a sandwich press so I wrap the bottom of a black iron skillet and press it that way!

  2. Hi Gwynie Pie~ Nice to meet you. Your post is making me hungry for a good sandwich!!!

    I can tell that the Lord is using your blog as a blessing to many. I'll look forward to coming back for another visit.

    Blessings to you... Jennifer

  3. You know what else is good for that left over pineapple cream cheese? Dip Fritos in it. Yummy, Yummy, Yummy!!!