Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Husband Project

OKAY Friends !! I have two websites I really want you to check won't be sorry.There is a book that I really want you to check out. It's The Husband Project by Kathi Lipp.
Go to and read all about it. Great stuff !!! It's a 21-Day project and no matter how long you've been married, you'll find great ideas and inspiration to make your marriage better. I've been married 37 years, almost all of them happy :)
(those first few years were a little rough)
and I see all kinds of ways I can work at
making our very happy marriage
even happier.
ALSO ----
Melanie at Bella-Mella is hosting a 5 Day Mini Project on the Husband Project, starting soon, and I'd love for you to check that out as well. and read all about it. Melanie is a blog friend of mine that I've been following for several months now. She is fun and creative and a woman of spiritual depth and you will love her and her blog !
OKAY then --
that's all for now.
I do have a super sandwich recipe
to share with you....
I've declared it
THE BEST sandwich EVER !!!!
Cool and summery.
I'll share it maybe later today.
Right now --- gotta go help William with the
mowing and weedeating.
Talk to you later,
Gwynie Pie

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  1. Thanks Gwynie Pie,
    You are officially entered 2 x for the book give-away!