Friday, July 10, 2009

Early Friday Morning Back Porch Sittin'

What a fine Friday morning it is here in my corner of the world.
It is just now 8 a.m. and already over 80 degrees on my shady back porch.
It's gonna be a hot one !!

As I sit here rocking....

this is my view.

Notice the cotton in the field beyond the fence....we've had

just enough rain and lots!!! of HOT

and it's really lookin' pretty good.

Moving to the right----
That is the original coffee grinder from
the Mereta General Store.
Aren't you glad someone got that size thing
under control....or else we'd all have a
big ol' iron monstrosity sitting in our
kitchens right next to the coffee pot.
That's also a shopping cart from the store
holding pool towels and sunscreens and
bug sprays.
And this is a screen, made from the interior
doors from my grandparents house --
it serves as a privacy screen (our
"next door neighbor" would need binoculars
to see us, but still....)
but mostly, the screen is a sound break
since the A/C unit is just beyond.
So, that's my view of the world this morning...
What's yours???
Have a very Happy Friday and
a wonderful weekend !!!
Gwynie Pie

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  1. Hi Gwenie Pie!
    Thanks so much for stopping by Carolina Panache! Sorry to hear about the TX heat! Hopefully you will get a break soon! I'll be happy to share the Quick Pickles recipe. I've been asked to share it by some other readers so I will post it on my blog next week for my Cook's Corner segment. Hey, I love your blog - I sort of surfed around a bit - it's so nice to meet you! I'm going to be a follower - see ya soon! :-) Also, love your play list! I'm listening to How Great Is Our God! How true! I don't know what I would do with out God and His awesome power working in my life!!!