Friday, July 10, 2009

Going Green Part 2

There are many companies who now make "green" products. That means biodegradable, natural, not toxic to you or yours ---
at least that what it should mean.
Read the labels!!! on any cleaning product
you are buying.
As with food -- if you can't pronounce it --
you might want to leave it on the shelf
or at least look it up and see for yourself what
ingredients it contains.
Nature's Source by SC Johnson
Green Works by Clorox
Seventh Generation
Shaklee and others
all make a line of natural, environmentally friendly
That said -- here are a few of the
oh so cheap, cheap, cheap !!!!
products you can make very, very simply
AND since the main ingredient in almost all
cleaning products - natural or otherwise -
is water, I figure I'll just do it myself, thank you.
I really thought I would have to sacrifice quality
in order to use these items BUT
really --- I am so pleased with how they work.
The quality is as good or better than those I have retired.
Here are a few of the recipes I have discovered online.
Just Google "natural cleaning products" if you are interested
in expanding your line of cleaners ---
1 cup rubbing alcohol
1 cup white vinegar
1 cup water
Mix in a clean spray bottle.
(Walmart is where I got mine)
1 cup olive oil
1/2 cup lemon juice
Mix and store in a glass jar.
To use - Dip in with a cloth, reseal jar immediately
and polish furniture.
Straight vinegar
in a spray bottle.
The smell will dissipate fairly quickly.
Your house/car will not smell like a giant pickle for long.
And nothing kills odor like it!
ALSO - did you know that straight vinegar kills 82% of all mold.
So, spray on and let it sit on any areas where you are fighting mold.
Another mold fighter is
2 teaspoons tea tree oil
2 cup water
in spray bottle. Spray on. Do Not Rinse
White vinegar in one spray bottle
3% hydrogen peroxide in one spray bottle
Spray one on area, then the other
Wipe off. Germs killed !!!
Add 1/2 cup - 1 cup straight vinegar
to the rinse cycle.
There will be absolutely no vinegar smell,
just fresh clothes.
Works great !!
AND super cheap !
2 cup warm water
1/2 cup Murphy's oil soap
in spray bottle.
Cuts grease on stovetops, counters, floors
2 tablespoons ammonia
1 teaspoon dish detergent
2 cups rubbing alcohol
a couple drops orange essential oil
(TOTALLY optional)
Mix in gallon jug. Fill spray bottle to use.
You get essential oils at health food stores -- all fragrances.
And a few drops can be added to any of these products.
But, I prefer no smell at all since I almost always have
a fragrance plugged in to wall plugs throughout the house.
1 gallon warm water
1 cup vinegar
Mix in pail or sink.
Works on vinyl or laminate floors
Same recipe for wood floors -- just 1/2 cup vinegar instead of 1 cup
and dry floor as you go.
for dirty dishes, crusty pans, stubborn surfaces
Cut a lemon in half
Sprinkle with baking soda
Scrub away.....smells great, cuts grease and grime.
Try some of these. You might be pleasantly surprised
as I have been at the quality.
My house still smells good.
AND I get to avoid the "cleaner" aisle at the store now.
AND I'm saving significant $$$$$.
Just wanted you to know,
Gwynie Pie

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