Thursday, July 9, 2009

Going Green

White vinegar
Murphy's Oil Soap
Dawn Dish liquid
Borax (and all of it's 20 mules)
Baking soda
Rubbing alcohol
Hydrogen peroxide, 3%
Today is the day ! I've been researching and experimenting and testing
different methods of natural, biodegradable cleaning
for several weeks/months actually.
Everytime I cleaned my shower with those
cute little "guys with big white brushy moustaches",
the ones that were going to remove hard water scale and make my
shower sparkly clean,
the ones in the spray can with the lemony scent ---
I would find it difficult to breathe while spraying my shower
down so I would hold my breath 'til I 'd nearly
pass out. Then I'd evacuate the bathroom until the lemony, yet noxious
fumes died down a bit. Then go back in to finish the job.
And bottom line --
nothing, but nothing !!! worked on the kind of hard water scale we have
in this part of the world. Sheeesh !
(I thought)
I started thinking that surely to goodness there had to be a better way.
I wasn't even really looking for healthier at that point.
I just wanted something that would work!
THEN, I started googling "natural home cleaning products"
and wow!!! came up with lots of great info.
I learned along the way that many of the cleaning products
I use on a daily basis are very harmful and damaging to the lungs
and the skin and the mucous membranes.
Also, the residue from many of these products
is something I'm just not comfortable having in my home.
Having a grandbaby really made me hyper-aware of it all
and so, after much research and googling and searching
other blogs for info ----
I have come to today.
I'm "going green".
I've been very skeptical about the cleaning "power" of some of these
natural products. But, I've put them to the test.
I've been researching them on my most stubborn
of stains and cleaning problems and I'm convinced !!
I have so much info to share with you and I don't want this post to just go on and on and on....
So, I'm going to break this up into a series for at least the next few days.
Here's a starter --
I have an off white laminate kitchen countertop
that is very susceptible to staining.
I was constantly using spray bleach to
brighten it up and remove the coffee and tea stains
that plagued me.
This morning I wiped the stains with a wet cloth,
sprinkled a little bit of baking soda over the stain,
then added 1 squirt of dishwashing liquid.
With the wet cloth I scrubbed the area
and in just a few seconds the stains
were completely gone.
It wasn't instant like with the spray bleach.
It actually required me to move my arm back and forth
a few times.
But, when I had rinsed the area --
it was sparkling clean, smelled great,
and I knew there was no leftover bleach
that could jeopardize my clothes.
I'm always leaning up against the still damp counter
and having to immediately change and wash my clothes
so they are not ruined.
All in all -- worked super great !!
I'm very pleased!
I'll be sharing many more
cleaning "products" the next few days.
I've also uncovered a LOT of natural health
products along the way ---
Stayed tuned !
Did I mention how much $$$$$ you
can save using this stuff?????
Safe Cleaning,
Gwynie Pie

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