Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Finally, after two weeks of picking paint colors, trying out paint colors, disliking those colors, choosing new ones......I am done !!! Yea!

I chose a color called Vanilla Creme to cover the formerly Lobster red walls in the dining room. Should you attempt a similar feat -- I have one word for you, just four little letters --- K I L Z . I didn't. Lesson learned.

Did you know it takes 5 coats of Vanilla Creme to cover over Lobster red? Now you do.

I LOVE decorating for Fall. Very fitting that on this first full day of Fall.

These pictures are in no real order -- the first ones are just shots of Fall decor in the kitchen.

Our dining table with a burlap runner. I literally bought the very cheapest burlap I could find. It's called utility burlap and cost less than $2 a yard.

I've used this burlap throughout the house as runners on tabletops.
I also used it on the armoire doors to hide the television and technical boxes that go with that.

I also have a project planned to stencil on the burlap and make throw pillows.....stayed tuned.

I love using my scripture dinner plates. Each plate has a different scripture that is a promise. I used the rocks in the middle of each plate as the "place card" and it is really neat how when you read the first part of the scripture, then the person's name, and then the last part of the scripture -- it really is sweet and personal.

"No one can imagine what God has prepared, Lily Kate, for those who love Him." Sweet!

I finished up the entire living room painting this morning. The total project took only about 3 1/2 hrs. I wasn't covering up a dark red, so it was a snap to get it finished.

I am putting the final decorating touches on that room and will post the living room pictures next.

Whew !!! I'm also getting ready for a huge weekend of fun stuff. My Daddy's family reunion will be here on Saturday. Everyone comes mid-morning, we eat and visit all day long.

Then on Sunday after church, we will have a birthday party for Lily Kate. She is 3 ! Such a big girl. I'm working on making a chandelier to hang out in the tree in the backyard over the table.

We are all going to dress up a little crazy --- and have an Alice in Wonderland kind of experience. I'll be sure to take lots of pictures of that as well.

Well ----- Happy Fall everyone.

Gwynie Pie
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