Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Count Your Blessings

...name them one by one. Count your many blessings, see what God has done.

Several years ago, my good friend Richelle and I were given several opportunities to speak at surrounding churches about something dear
to our hearts - decorating for the holidays and how to keep the LORD
at the center of it all.

We had so much fun brain-storming and creating and we came up with
lots of fun ways to decorate emphasizing Christ as the center of the home.

One of my favorites, and one that both of us continue in our homes today is
the Blessing Rocks.

All through the Old Testament, God instructs His children to "remember". God wanted them to remember where they had been before He delivered
them. He wanted them to never forget all the great things He had done.
And many times they were instructed to build an altar of rocks so that the generations to come would, when they saw the altar, remember the things the Lord had done in their lives.

This is our modern day equivalent --- we got bags of river rock at Dollar Tree and for rocks that are a little larger, when you need more room to write, I have found bags of rocks at Wal-mart.

With a Sharpie pen, I have written on each rock just enough to trigger our memories and allow us to recall the miracles and blessings the LORD has brought into our lives.

On the large rock in the center of the platter, I have written Psalm 102:18 ---
"Write down for the coming generation what the LORD has done,
so that people not yet born will praise Him

On the smaller rocks I have written blessings from the LORD such as "$20 miracle money, Safeway". We were grocery shopping with extremely limited funds and I was trying to get the most for my very few dollars. I turned away from the cart to pick up an item and when I turned back around a crisp 20 dollar bill was laying on top of my purse. There was no one close around and neither the kids nor I had seen anyone, yet there was a wonderful provision of money at a time we needed it most.

"Devin, Heart surgery, 1996" The LORD brought him through that very serious surgery and healed him in a miraculous way.

"Dana and Blake" God brought our daughter and her husband together in a very unique way that only He could have done.

And the list goes on and on. It's just such a sweet way to remember what the LORD has done in our lives --- His healing, His provision, His direction ----and every time we remember, it's just another opportunity to give Him praise.

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  1. Love, love, love this idea! There are so many times when the Lord has blessed us, and we forget about it and go about our merry way. What an incredible visual reminder of the blessings of the Lord!