Friday, September 18, 2009

Love Letters

Love letters.

Aren't those two words, just standing there alone, so very pretty?

In all my cleaning over the past several weeks, I came upon a big box stuffed full of cards, letters, notes. To William and myself. From friends on birthdays. From our children on special occasions. From people saying a thank-you. Or a "Hi there, how've you been?" And there were lots of cards and letters and little scrap paper notes to "us", from "us".

I started going through them, making a pile a all the ones we had written to each other.

Now I didn't keep every single card ever given. The early years are not well represented. Maybe I wasn't as sentimental back then? Or maybe we were just trying to hold it all together back then and I figured I would never want to relive those times. That could be it. :)

Reading them carried me back to where we were at the time, where we lived, how old the kids were then, events that happened along the way. Very nostalgic. Cried a lot. Not gonna read them again any time soon.

But..... so sweet. It stirred all kinds of gratefulness to the LORD for His goodness in our lives. He brought us together and kept us together, despite our best efforts to do otherwise.

My heart is just so full of love for my wonderful husband. And so full of gratefulness and love for the One to whom we give ALL glory for every good thing that ever happens in our lives. He is so amazingly, awesomely good!

Soooo - do you have love letters? Where are they? Why not get them out, tie a big beautiful ribbon around them and set them out somewhere in your home. Remind yourself today of how far the LORD has brought you.

AND if you don't have a stack of love letters...why not write the one you love a love letter this very day.

Love and hugs,

Gwynie Pie
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  1. Yep...I do have a few of the love letters my hubby wrote me while we were still dating...and that was 17 years ago...I guess that makes them vintage now...right.

    About the burlap know, I've re-covered our dining chairs with it and haven't had any problems with shedding {the tag on the sacks say they're made of jute}. Sorry I couldn't be more help.

  2. How funny... We just dug ours out the other day. We read the ones we could aloud, and of course, there were a few the children probably shouldn't hear just yet! :) Recently Troy's Nana died. She was almost 99 years old. We found in her things all of her old love letters. It was a precious family time to sit around and take turns reading bits of them aloud. Most were during the Great Depression when her husband had to travel all around to try to find work, often hungry with not a penny in his pocket. Amazing how love kept him going. I guess it is possible to "live on love". :) Also, amazing to know that this sweet, godly woman was quite an exciting lover! :) Ha! Who knew?!