Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ahhhh -- the quiet

I spent all day yesterday being a helpmeet.
Isn't that a sweet, old-fashioned word?
I really love it when I get the chance to help my husband
do something he really needs help doing.
He is a very competent man -- not "needy",
so sometimes it's tough finding something I can do
that will benefit him.
But -- today he and his co-workers will be having
a planning retreat and he is in charge of the food.
Ah ha!
That's an area where I can definitely help....
We decided on a sandwich smorgasborg,
made the list, and
I then ran around all day yesterday
gathering up all the ingredients for
the meal today,
assembling trays of goodies,
and baking the desserts.
Much satisfaction comes from accomplishing a task
with excellence.
Not perfection, just a job well done.
And early this morning
after we ran around loading everything,
"don't forget the croissants, they're on the dining table".
After my final instructions on assembling the
strawberry shortcut cake
After checking and double-checking
--- as William drove off with the car laden down with
all manner of tasty treats,
I realize how very much I am longing for the quiet.
And with the quiet -- the voice of God.
So, after several days of noisey and busy,
I'm just going to be quiet and still today


  1. I enjoyed your post today Gwyn.
    .....And with the listening, comes sweet peace and contenment huh.
    I'll bet the men loved their feast!
    ♥ Mercy

  2. Ah, I need a few days like that...quiet, so I can listen to the spirit of God. Great post!