Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I managed to spend yesterday with limited technological intrusion. In other words, I checked Facebook and e-mail less often and didn't turn on the tv. I didn't even get many phone calls.

I spent some quality time and quantity time yesterday just being quiet. Being still. Being thoughtful. Being thankful.

It was a great day !

Of course when I take the time to "be still" and listen....I hear. And not everything that I hear is easy to take. But ---- everything I hear is necessary for growing me into the person the LORD desires me to become.

Sometimes, I think ---- I have sooooo far to go to "get there". Then other times, I look back to who I used to be and realize just how good God is. And just how much He loves. And just how much He delights in me. In you too.

Growing up just isn't easy.

Gwynie Pie
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