Tuesday, October 27, 2009

THIS made me LOL

Saturday the Aggies of Texas A&M played
Texas Tech University --
in some circles this is a rivalry of grandest proportions...
as evidenced by this ---------When William came home from work yesterday and told me about this
funny sight, I got him to literally run to take a picture.
The gin was running and we knew it would be gone
quickly -- disappearing inside the gin
and coming out on the other end in little bales of cotton.
Soooo, he had to move fast !
THIS is our kind of Autumn pictures, I guess.
No beautiful red and golden leaves here.
No lovely landscape turning colors.
For us -- a cotton module sitting on the gin yard
sporting a "Gig 'Em" for everyone to "enjoy"....
That's our idea of a great Autumn picture.
And if you are an Aggie family,
as we are --
Then it's also your idea of a real fun time !!!!!
Gwynie Pie

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