Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Dinner's On......

Cool and overcast days like today..........really put me in the mood to cook.

Buttermilk pies. Cranberry cheese bread. A spicy tortilla soup. Or some fluffy fragrant biscuits.

I'm sure inquiring minds want to know-------- yes, she had been freshly bathed and came out of
the bathroom to find someone cooking without her. Couldn't be bothered with putting on clothes first.....

Creating all these delightful delights would be ever so much more fun if only I had my Lily Kate here to help.

Since she was big enough to sit in her high chair, she has been cooking. Her mama loves creating with food. And she
has passed that love on to her daughter. Dana would put the high chair in the middle of their very small kitchen and
she and Lily Kate would fix dinner for Daddy.

When Lily Kate comes to Pops and Pies house, we almost always cook something yummy.

And honestly, she would rather cook than watch Little Einsteins.

Bon Appetite !!!

Gwynie Pie
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