Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cute Coffee Bar

I saw the cutest coffee bar on someone's
blog the other day and decided
that with all the entertaining we
will do during the next three months,
it would be an excellent idea for us.
We have groups of 20 - 40 at a time,
and we really need the room to move
about the serving areas.
Separating the coffee area from the food area
would free up a lot of space.
Soooo, after giving our furniture a lot
of thought, I decided what I thought
would work, presented the idea
to William and he
enthusiastically (really)
spent most of Saturday helping put
it all in place.
Six pieces of furniture had to be unloaded
and moved, drawers taken out to lighten the load.
Then, cleaning under and behind
everything. We ended up cleaning
some windows and the shutters
AND the baseboards.....quite the project.
BUT ---
we both love the payoff!
In the kitchen area, we put the
"bar" at one end of
the room, where the gigantic
old store counter was.
It is now in the dining area, buffet that was there is now in the guest bedroom
and so on......
We are enjoying it.
And we are looking forward
to the first fun event
in a couple of weeks.
Doesn't everybody rearrange
furniture by the "season"?
Gwynie Pie
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