Friday, December 18, 2009

By the back door

At the back door of the house, I hung my Santa apron and hat.

And right below it in the corner....evidence that Santa decided to just take off his boots and
get comfy.

We're hoping this doesn't cause Lily Kate any distress. She's not a big fan of "Ho,ho,ho", as
she refers to Santa. She's already told her mama that he can leave presents on the porch,
but CAN NOT come in the house.

When I told Dana about the Santa clothes by the back door, she said "uh oh. Lily Kate may
decide that not only is Santa IN the house....but he's naked."

The back porch tree is another mesquite branch, set in an old bucket and strung
with white lights. It looks very festive at night.

Right as you walk in from the back door ---- the coffee/spiced tea/hot chocolate bar
and the peppermint tree.

Grab a cup and let's go sit by the fire,

Gwynie Pie
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  1. Your Christmas kitchen looks great - what cute ideas. I really like the handy hot drink station.