Saturday, December 19, 2009


It has been a near perfect Saturday.

We slept late. 9:00!

And then sat by the fireplace, drank coffee with peppermint mocha creamer - mmmmm - and I made French toast with
powdered sugar and maple syrup for breakfast.

William worked burning off some dead weeds in the horse pen and repairing a porch screen door. I did dishes, made the bed and washed a couple loads of clothes.

Then this afternoon I threw a little picnic in a bag, made up 2 quarts of iced
tea - one sweet, one unsweet - betcha can't guess which one is mine :) '

William was easily convinced to take a break from the the screen repairing
and we drove down to the ranch.

We grabbed a grapevine wreath and a big red bow to tie on the main gate
for a "Merry Christmas" greeting to all who pass by.

Beautiful blue Texas sky. Only the sound of an occasional bird singing or fish jumping.

Lovely. Peaceful. Calm.

Thank you LORD for all our many blessings.

A whole day spent together.....definitely one of His blessings on us today.

Gwynie Pie
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