Friday, August 13, 2010

Bedroom #2 ReDo

Well, after living here
for the past 8 and 1/2 years we are
painting Bedroom #2.

Don't know what has taken so long.

I mean, some rooms in this house have
actually been painted 3 times already.

This was my Mother and Daddy's room.
Maybe there is some weird psychological
strangeness going on here.

He has been gone 9 years later this month.
In some ways it seems like forever.
And then again, sometimes it feels like
it was just last week.
Time is a funny thing, huh.

it is definitely time to give this room
a fresh coat of paint.

Uh, correction.....a FIRST coat of paint.

I'm painting the trim Milk Sugar white
like throughout the rest of the house.
And the walls are just the very
lightest, coolest hint of green.

Let me also say,
KILZ paint --
I love you !!!!

No, I do.
Really I do.

I so vividly remember the painting fiasco
of last year ---
the Vanilla Cream
Red Lobster ---
ai yi yi !!!

Then I discovered paint
made out of KILZ base
and really --
it could make painting kind of fun.

I'll be back with some pictures
next week of the finished room.

I have company coming next weekend
so I can't put this off.
Gotta do it.

Gwynie Pie
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