Friday, August 13, 2010

Hey, Hey, Hey....It's Friday !!!

And you KNOW what that means?

That's right !!!!

It's "clean out your purse"
"clean out your car"


Okay, it's also FRIDAY !!!!!!
There is that
(and not a moment too soon I say)

For real though
here is just a simple, quick tip to help you stay
organized and it will
quickly de-stress your life.
Well, it will de-stress at least one little part of your life.

I have done this for a long time now.
It's a habit.
Every Friday, I dump the contents of my purse
--pitch the trash
--remove the unnecessary
--keep and file or throw away
--gather loose change and
deposit in our change jar
You'd be surprised how much change can
accumulate before you know it.

I once heard a renowned money expert
say that she could tell you MUCH about a woman
and the state of her life
just by checking out two things --
her purse
her car.
Hmmmmm----now THAT'S something to
think about, huh?

I realized how true this was back then
and wanting to take charge of at least
one little piece of my life
to get control over what I could control,
I began my Friday "habit".
Oh and this is muy importante --
take the folding money out of your wallet,
arrange it smallest to largest
and face it all the same direction.
That way, all the bills are
looking the same direction --
outward, watching for other money
and saying "hey, it's fun and very orderly
in here -- won't you come join us"

HA! Silly, I know.
But, I do believe
order attracts order
and money attracts money.
Try it and see what happens.
Couldn't hurt.

In the car, I just take that
empty Wal-mart sack....over there.....
stuck to the side of the Sonic cup....
yep, that one.
AndI load it up
with all the bits and pieces and scraps
and such that have accumulated
during the week.

Do it every Friday and
it is never a huge mess.

It really feels good to end the week
on a clean note.

Small steps.
It's just a purse and a car.
But keeping them in control
gives you GREAT POWER !!!

Now let's get out and sack up that trash.

Good Friday !

Gwynie Pie
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  1. This is a really good idea-and so is the one in your previous post with numbers near the rooms. I love it!