Wednesday, August 11, 2010

One. Two. Three.

After we moved to this house,
the house where I grew up,
and in an effort to distinguish between
the three bedrooms
down the hall,
we referred to the rooms
by who lived there last.

There was
Mother and Daddy's room,
my old bedroom,
the sewing room.

You see the problem, I'm sure........
we had many visitors here who had
NO idea which room was which.

So, then we tried calling them by their

But----if you know me AT ALL,
you know that didn't work for long either.
Lobster room
Boston Brown room
Jalapeno Green room.

Sooooo, after living here
for several years, we started referring
to the rooms by number.
That proved confusing too, since
"is the 1st room on the right #1 or is it #3?"

Well, NOW we have fixed it.
Just like a motel.

We just put up numbers.

Should you come to visit,
you'll be given your Room #
and sent down the hall to settle in.

Don't worry.
It's a very short hall.

Oh please!!

Do come visit.

We looooooove company !!

Gwynie Pie
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