Monday, October 4, 2010

HEY !!!!!!
a rare event happened
at my house this morning................
I MADE up THE BED !!!!!!!! I probably shouldn't admit to this,
should I?
but..........I rarely make up the bed
before leaving for work
these days.
When I was a stay-at-home woman,
it was made up every day.
Without fail.
Just part of the routine.
And I do love the way the whole room
when the bed is neat.
You know.........
the bed surface is about 80%
of the square footage of the average
you make up the bed,
you instantly bring order to the
majority of the room
Now ----just tidy up the rest of the room
and I can check this off
my "to do" list.
I think that's pretty good
motivation for making up the bed
In fact, I like it so much
I think I'll try it again tomorrow.
Gwynie Pie


  1. Help! I can't read your lettering on the red background...

    Lovely picture though!! :)

  2. Yea! I can read your post now, I wanted to check back with you because I love what you have to say and look forward to each of your posts!

    I make my bed everyday, it makes me feel neat and tidy! My husband loves to climb into a made up bed too, he says that all the sheets are in the correct places, makes him feel cozy :)

    Love your bed linens, what pretty colors, too beautiful not to be made up each morning!