Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hope you are having a lovely Fall Saturday.

I sure am.
I really don't know how the weather could be any more perfect !
It's about 80.
No clouds.
Bright sunshine.
Smells fantastic.

Sitting out on the screened in porch
listening to
the cotton gin as it churns out the finished bales
is such a soothing sound to my ears.
That sound just means Fall and Home to me.

Texas Aggies are
playing in Dallas Cowboy stadium
this afternoon
and will be beatin'
Arkansas --
lookin' forward to that.

Later today
my daughter-in-law's mom is flying in from NC
for a little visit.
It's been a long year since they have seen one another
and I think I'm almost as excited for them as they are.

They will be here tonight
and I'm making
a Fall meal ---
bbq sausage,
mashed potatoes,
steamed brocolli,
Sister Shubert's parkerhouse rolls.

Then worship tomorrow,
where I am sure we will,
yet again,
be challenged and inspired
to live radically.

I haven't told y'all about Radical yet,
have I?
Hooooooboy, challenging doesn't really
quite cover it.
It's good, good stuff.

I've been Fall cleaning
I'm going to be posting
"Five Days of Fall"
starting on Monday ---
all about living life
incorporating the five senses
in all that we do.

Hope you will check back on Monday !
(which is a holiday for me !!! Yipppppppeeeeeee!)
So, so excited about that !

Enjoy your Saturday Friends,

Gwynie Pie

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  1. Lovely pictures of your lovely home! Your black and white curtains are so pretty, will have to see if you posted more pictures of them, I have always wanted graphic curtains like yours! Your sideboard looks so "fallish" too.

    My youngest brother can see the new Cowboys Stadium from his condo, he loves living in Dallas, I don't blame him Southern people are so warm and friendly! Hope the Aggies beat Arkansas! I graduated from Abilene Christian, and I secretly loved the Aggies...shhhh, don't tell my family!

  2. Gwyn,
    The dinner was wonderful! Your house is almost as delightful as you. Thank you for always welcoming me and for being such a wonderful mother-in-law to my baby girl!